Heidi has put together four key products for our Harties over 50’s:

1. Let me “Look” into your wardrobe…

Heidi will go through your existing clothes collection and discuss with you what works, what needs to go, what can work with something else and what could be changed or altered.

Consultation R250 per hour in your home.

2. Can I change the “Look” of those items for you?

After completing item 1, Heidi will suggest how some of your existing clothes can be altered or updated and will complete the alterations for you. Whether the item is too big, too long or just out of date there may be something that can be done to give you a few more years wear from your existing clothes.

Consultation R150 per hour in your home plus a cost per garment for the alteration.

3. Might we suggest something new for your “Look”

Perhaps you need some new items to make the best of your existing wardrobe or maybe you want a complete change! Heidi will design, make and source clothing for you specifically, having worked with you to understand your personal “Look”.


Consultation R150 per hour and a cost per individual item sourced or made.

4. Do you make the best use of accessories for your “Look”?

What is hiding in your cupboards that you don’t use… wraps, scarves, jewellery, shoes, hats… Accessories can make or break an outfit, they can also totally change the look of an outfit so you are able to use the same basic clothing again and again creating a different “Look”. Heidi will also be able to source or make items to accessorise your wardrobe appropriately.


Consultation R150 per hour and a cost per individual item sourced or made.