Let me tell you a story about my “Look”, before Heidi…

Kay Darbourn

Having spent forty plus years in the Corporate world of business suits and golf wear, my move to Harties and semi-retirement was certainly interesting! Flip – what shall I do with all those formal jackets? And what about some of my evening wear? And some great stuff I bought overseas that has great memories… Have to say I have kept all of my past “Looks” so far but I know Heidi will be tackling the next part of my wardrobe soon. As we age and perhaps change our hair colour or accept that our skin tone might have changed or our figure may have adjusted itself, we need to appreciate what we can do to make the most out of our “Look”.


Regretfully, with grey hair now (with a few highlights) the colours that look better on me have changed and Heidi oh so carefully advises what works and where I need to move to, not all at once you understand – slowly does it! And then there’s the stuff that I don’t wear because I really don’t enjoy high heels any more…


My first session with Heidi was fascinating and the hour was up so quickly! We then had a further session discussing alterations and I am pleased to say I now have 12 items I can wear that were perfectly fine but needed small changes, shortening hems, trousers tapered, shirt sleeves shortened and one shaped better to make the most of my “figure”… Oh yes – and there was a suggestion that for one outfit I really needed to get a new bra ☺ we had a good laugh about that “Look”.


Heidi and I have spoken about what best to do with the good stuff that realistically needs to go – we will look at some sort of second hand or exchange facility and then there is the average stuff that can go to a good home or charity locally. We are still working on this but if you have any ideas, please let us know.


I encourage you to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LOOK (and your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards etc.) and work with Heidi to design your new “Look” – I’m sure it will be very rewarding for you!